Outlife JY-SW-15 4 개/상자 낚시 물린 표시 경보 걸이 나가던

  • 유닛 종류: 개
  • 패키지 무게: 0.88kg (1.94lb.)
  • 패키지 크기: 34cm x 22cm x 6cm (13.39in x 8.66in x 2.36in)
허용 범위: 재고물품순으로

SKU: m8086

₩54 606.28 ₩37 134.13

- LED illuminated swingers, 4 lights with different colors: green, red, yellow, blue
- Equipped with the alerter (not included), used for fastening the fishing line on the alerter
- When the fish comes to your hook, it will flash and give you signal, it will not be light when standby
- Equipped with a 60g paint-coated stainless steel weight on each swinger
- Adjustable copper spring clamp with flat mouth for the convenience of lifting fishing line
- With a box, lightweight and portable, easy to carry outside
- With 2.5mm plug fit all type bite alarms, a great tool for outdoor fishing

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Roger Gaudreault 2018-11-27


Alan Shavlohov 2018-12-18

Ledin 한 했는데 받아보신 후. But I don't 것 it's related to 다 seller. 다 electronics 툭 care) 의 2 분. Reliable 및 십 년간의 관련 seller. I 추천합니다 다 할 수 you. The product works 휙휙 감고. 터키 도착한 상품은 일체 환불이 에 15 일.

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